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Miracle at Quecreek Mine Book
The story of the miracle rescue by Bill Arnold. This is a true American story, a factual account of a string of miraculous events that saved lives and uplifted a nation, as told through the eyes of the dairy farmer who had a front-row seat to the Miracle at Quecreek Mine.

When Bill Arnold grabbed his Colt .45 and ran out to the tool shed at Dormel Farms near midnight on July 24, 2002, he thought he would be chasing off a would-be thief. Instead, he encountered two surveyors, friends of his. "Billy, there's been an accident in the mine, and there's nine men missing. We think they're trapped under your farm." The book contains dozens of full color photographs depicting this inspirational historical event. The reader will become immersed in Bill's gripping true story: the fear, the courage, the desperate measures, and the miraculous intervention that happened over those four long days.

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